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At House On The Rock we know God has the answers you are desperately seeking and true healing for your broken heart!  We would love to help you find, receive and believe His answers. He is the only one who has the truth, wisdom, understanding and power to heal and transform your heart, life, marriage and relationships.  His promise is not just to restore you but to transform you naturally, powerfully, from the inside out.

At House On The Rock  we use a God inspired, biblically founded, Christ centered, heart focused form of relational care called One Heart Counseling.  This innovative form of care focuses on your heart as the epicenter of your being (ref Jn 7:38) and God’s life-changing Heart Transformation principle…. When you change what's treasured in your heart your life will be transformed! (ref. Lk 6:45)

God has blessed literally thousands of people all of the world through One Heart Counseling! Broken hearts have been healed, desperate lives have been transformed, hopeless relationships have been made new! One Heart Counseling participants overwhelmingly confirm God’s presence and power in the ministry they received.  Over 98% say… (1) they experienced healing for their broken heart; (2) their lives and relationships were significantly changed, and (3) they would indeed recommend One Heart Counseling to others!

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