ONE HEART Testimonies

Jackie - This has been a beautiful experience that has done more for us than we could have ever asked or imagined!  I feel that it has helped us more than any book, conference, or counseling could have. We hadn't dealt with the root of our cancer: in our hearts we had harbored lies instead of truth.  This understanding revolutionized the way we saw things and we learned how to seek the Holy Spirit to help us loose lies and bind His truth to our hearts.  This experience will have positive effects in our marriage forever. 

Ben - There have been changes in Jackie and I that we know will last a lifetime.  This experience addresses the deepest issues of your life and marriage - your beliefs, that is what makes it so different and life changing. We learned truths that we had never really understood before, and they were followed by real-life application so those truths could benefit our personal growth and the growth of our marriage. Any couple willing to give this a try can be confident they will experience changes that will last a lifetime.

Brian - It blew me away!  This has been a life changing event that I will forever hold dear.  I found great understanding on how to have peace and joy in my life.  Now I’m able to search my heart and get rid of all the junk in it. I have discovered how to access my heart and see miraculous changes instantly.  I believe now for the first time we can find true intimacy in our marriage and live life together as one.
Bridget - This has been a revolutionary experience – completely life changing!  Bonds and chains have been broken and loosed in my heart and I have found freedom!  I discovered the core lie I have believed for so long…  Best of all I found how to lose the lie from my heart and break its power.  It has been most life changing!  We have a new greater level of intimacy that we have never had before.  And, we are seeking and anticipating God’s destiny in our marriage.